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The Show Goes On

*  IBA-(Indigenous Business Australia)

When does an Indigenous social enterprise

Fail to hold cultural respect and sensitivity?

When a person dies that gave much of her life

But tourism doors still open for profitability

At Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

Doors should be closed to the public

At the very least the whole day of the funeral;

Yet IBA does not like to spare

Too many hours of losing money

Yes we all know that it’s a business

But where is the consideration and ethics

When the ‘almighty’ dollar wins

With little consideration for cultural traditions



I remember when the last fluent elderly speaker

Of Djabugay tribe passed away

What respect did the Cultural Park give

For this man on his final resting day?

On the day of his funeral we drove past the ‘Park’

And not even a half mast of the flags

We were disgusted and I am dismayed to say

Why are people used- yet when death befalls them

There is little recognition- by the place that takes their name?



Yet if you travel up the Kuranda range

To a tourist attraction called ‘Rainforestion’

Management decided to suspend performances

Out of respect and recognition

When tragically one of their own

Indigenous workers died recently

For 2 days Pamagirri closed for business

Not just a few hours in remembrance

Of a long term employees existence


Obviously IBA management

Could learn a lot from this place

Taking so much and giving so little

Is an absolute shame and disgrace










Profiteering Privatisation

The system that’s designed to fail

Benefiting the majority

While incarcerating the minorities

To over-represent the jails

The very same people that don’t even

Know their basic rights

Does the court take this into consideration

And duly recognise their plight

A country built on the oppression

Of the people they criminalise

With wider societies acceptance

Stereotyping to try to justify

The discrimination that quantifies

The minority as a majority

Do the research and you will find

Incarceration is  big business

Privatised jails make massive profits

Off the oppressed existence

mlk jail








Ethnocentric Dreamings

What is right

And what is true

May be different

From me to you


The reality

That is mis-perceived

From those

Who cannot see

That the problem

With wider society

Is written

In it’s inability

To empathise-

And really comprehend

Still to this day


Rules this land


‘Racism-it stops with me’ Contradiction

No matter how hard it is

I see no use

In staying silent

And following the crowd

For perpetrated violence

As well as intentional whitewash

Is not something to be proud

There’s no denying that there’s

Something fundamentally wrong

With a country that continues

To ask people to all stand

To sing a racist ‘national’ song

If we are going to talk of change

Why not start with an inclusive anthem

Which we can all be proud to engage in

Not the current one of discriminatory chanting






This Land is Our Land

This is a song I wrote and our family sings in place of Australias’ National Anthem



This land is our land

It is not your land

Stolen from us

Through force and greed

Now you claim it

Like you own it

This land belongs

To my ancestors and me


A Constitution

Built on a lie

Our rights

You can’t deny

For they were taken

They weren’t forsaken

And we’ll never give in

Until we die


This land is our land

It is not your land

Stolen from us

Through force and greed

Now you claim it

Like you own it

This land belongs

To my ancestors and me


From the beginning

You tried to divide us

But your lies

We clearly see

And we’ll keep fighting

And uniting

For the truth

And what we believe


This land is our land

It is not your land

Stolen from us

Through force and greed

Now you claim it

Like you own it

This land belongs

To my ancestors and me


One day justice

Will come to this country

And it will go down

In history

How one people

Denied another

The right to live

True and free


This land is our land

It is not your land

Stolen from us

Through force and greed

Now you claim it

Like you own it

This land belongs

To my ancestors and me



My Brave Inspirational Child

Only 12 years old

And yet insightful and bold

My child asked her peers

Now days ago:

“Why do you sing the national anthem?”

“When you don’t know what it’s really about?”

“We are all young and free” they all echoed repeatedly

“No” my child stated “that’s not right”

They all turned against her and put up a fight

“Yes it does, it means we are all young and free”

Gathering courage my child stated bravely

“No it doesn’t-it means this”:

“Black people were murdered in this country

Because of white peoples beliefs”

The group sat in shock and turned up their faces

My child persisted when again derided by classmates

“Just drop it ok” one of the so-called friends said

My child walked away; dejected and isolated

A week has gone by and she has been left

Feeling lonely, ostracised and discriminated

She comes home now every afternoon hurt and upset

Crying that she has no more friends to play or talk with



What can I say?

Except that some people do not know the truth

They have not been taught the truth

Nor do they wish to hear the truth

Given the chance they only have the excuse

To whitewash our history

Their parents know-it is no mystery

Advance Australia Fair

Was never intended to be

For everybody living here

This country is not

Inclusive and free


I was proud that my child had the courage

To voice what she knew and believed

Though she will remember this day

For the rest of her life….

As the day she first spoke with freedom

And how then;  she was subsequently treated









The Truth is Evident

For what is the use of a Royal Commission

When no respect is given to the recommendations?

Therefore it is no more than a tokenistic gesture

A political decision; designed to take off the pressure

Millions of dollars wasted on what is obvious to anyone

Can we get some real action-instead of racist oblivion?

We’re talking about real people, not actors in a movie

With a plot that reads like something out of a horror story!

How can those that are so out of touch with others reality

Be entrusted to make decisions about the future of this country

The public investigation has already been done

So obvious are the answers-it needs no clarification from anyone

Because in this country some people are given free reign

To abuse trust and power; inflicting indelible pain

If the government was serious about making positive change

It would of done so already-instead, yet again

It has chosen to stall it’s responsibility!