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For years I searched for

What my family would not give freely

I could not go on any more

Not knowing where roots laid for me

To deny someone the answers

To their own identity

Because of the ingrained stigmas

They themselves grew up with; in society

Only furthers to prolong the pain

Of another time and another place

That is the bloodied stain

On this land – against another race

I wanted to break the cycle

Of inherited shame and denial

I began searching my ancestry

Researching my own family tree

For so long I didn’t get anywhere

A continual dead end to nowhere

Until one night I found one more clue

I stared, waiting, looking at that screen

Trembling for the confirmation of what I knew

Excitement though quickly turned to distress

For what I seen

The image loaded was of two white people

‘So called’ parents of my dark great-grandmother

My body grew heavy with deep sobs (uncontrollable)

I felt the wretched torment passed from generation to another

Shattered, I closed that computer screen

Devastated at what that image did mean

To be a part of what was stolen

Left my mind numb and my spirit broken

That was more than a year ago now

With determination I carried on somehow

Until the day this year of August twenty one

Re-ignited my spirit would search for freedom

What’s happening inside of me I can only explain

By knowing my ancestors could feel my pain

For the inhumanity they themselves endured

That was part of this country and its laws

My journey has now started

To fight against the oppression

That in this country never departed

Ever since invasion

Reconnected now I will try my best

With my ancestors spirits

Guiding me on the quest

For my people to have justice

ancestors proverb
















My Spirit is Strong

I feel my ancestors

Guiding me

On the path

That was meant to be

My spirit is strong

And unfailing

It has carried on

Despite the denying

That continually

Has tried to destroy

What’s inside

That lives free

But I know my purpose

What I was born to do

The connection lost

Has re-surfaced

And will reach from me

Out to you

indigenous spirituality











A sense of belonging
Is essential
To a persons well-being
It is something
I did not feel
Most of my life
So now that it is real
I must acknowledge
Those that have helped
Me in my healing
My life now has
Much more meaning
The knowledge gained
And knowledge shared
The connection felt
Of genuine respect and care
Those that relate
To the same struggle
Have given me the strength
To know finally…..
 I do belong







Australians are NOT all Young and Free

We need to invest more

In our next generation

The future leaders

Of this nation

The current system is failing

A lack of respectful engaging

Encouraging every child

Is unique and absolutely vital

Teaching should require great passion

It should be a interesting interaction

A great teacher can make even the mundane

Seem fascinating- instead of plain

Promoting a fairer understanding

To develop an individuals critical thinking

We need our children to question everything

Instead of too many following anything

There needs to be a sense of pride

Instead of a curriculum that constantly denies

Our rightful place to grow and thrive

Here’s a start…….

Stop demanding children recite

An anthem  created only for whites

Australians are not all young and free

Just look at all the disparities

The ‘white australia’ notions of yesterday

Still practised unashamedly every day

A country that is truly inclusive

Does not cling to a prejudiced illusion





“But you don’t look Aboriginal”

“You’re not a REAL Aborigine”
Someone mentioned
Then couldn’t comprehend
Why I got offended!
“But you don’t look Aboriginal”
They furthered tried to justify
Incredulously I replied
“Don’t judge people on first impressions
With pre-conceived out-dated notions”





This is Me

Too white to be black

And too black to be white

Outcast of society

This was my life

Until the day I realised

I am the one that lives my life

No-one can tell me who I am

The thoughts I feel

And where I stand

I will no longer

Hand control over

Any part of my spirit

And what lives on in it

Now I am a thriving  tree

Albeit; yet to find all it’s roots

But the blood that runs through me

Is living proof

That who I am

The words I speak

It was meant to be

This is me!



Always was Always will be



This country won’t move forward into the future

With a past left with open and infected wounds

Why is it so hard for government to admit failure

Genuine recognition can never come too soon

The status quo isn’t working so why keep pretending

An acknowledgement of country loses it’s meaning

When the reality is the people are still struggling

A blatant contradiction and it’s degrading

 Partnerships are people working together

Delusional government thinks it has the solutions

Why then  haven’t  they found an answer

National psyche aids the convolution

How far have we really come

When the reality of equal rights

Is still not afforded to everyone

When will people see the light

That there will never be closure

Without social justice

A constant deliberate historical erasure

Only promotes ingrained Indigenous mistrust