The Show Goes On

*  IBA-(Indigenous Business Australia)

When does an Indigenous social enterprise

Fail to hold cultural respect and sensitivity?

When a person dies that gave much of her life

But tourism doors still open for profitability

At Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

Doors should be closed to the public

At the very least the whole day of the funeral;

Yet IBA does not like to spare

Too many hours of losing money

Yes we all know that it’s a business

But where is the consideration and ethics

When the ‘almighty’ dollar wins

With little consideration for cultural traditions



I remember when the last fluent elderly speaker

Of Djabugay tribe passed away

What respect did the Cultural Park give

For this man on his final resting day?

On the day of his funeral we drove past the ‘Park’

And not even a half mast of the flags

We were disgusted and I am dismayed to say

Why are people used- yet when death befalls them

There is little recognition- by the place that takes their name?



Yet if you travel up the Kuranda range

To a tourist attraction called ‘Rainforestion’

Management decided to suspend performances

Out of respect and recognition

When tragically one of their own

Indigenous workers died recently

For 2 days Pamagirri closed for business

Not just a few hours in remembrance

Of a long term employees existence


Obviously IBA management

Could learn a lot from this place

Taking so much and giving so little

Is an absolute shame and disgrace










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