Everyone is a Human Being

At the end of the day……
You can’t refute what I say
No matter what you think your status
You are no different from the rest of us!
Apparently we all have choices
But ask yourself what are the forces?
That elevate some
And leave the rest behind
At the end of the day……
What’s on the news?
What is it that gets portrayed?
What’s on the front pages today?
Sickening- the mind games they play
Your talking about peoples lives
No matter how you misconceive it
The truth never lies
At the end of the day……
See this country for what it is
A place that takes and so little gives
Misappropriated wealth accumulation
Is the story of this nation
The richest people living in poverty
It’s just so plain to see!
Exploitation of the vulnerable
Is nothing honourable
At the end of the day……
It is hypocritical and shameful
That this country keeps pretending
That there is so little wrong
When they know all along
That what they construct
Is grossly unjust
Unaccepting of peoples pain
Is something to be deeply ashamed
At the end of the day
Everyone is a human being
What is it that people are not seeing?
If you can’t help your fellow man in his time of need
And instead prefer the path of selfishness and greed
What will become of the broken hearted?
And the misery that was effectuated




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